Sacred Space Crate Subscription Box

Handcrafted and Spell Crafted items to enhance your Sacred Spaces



What is the Price of the Box?

The cost of the box is $45.00 USD plus shipping. Total cost with shipping within the continental US is $54.00.  Total cost with shipping International is $78.00.  Total cost with shipping to Canada is $69.00

When will my box ship?

All Boxes will ship between the 1st and the 10th of the Month.  Your first box will be shipped the next month after you subscribe. (example:  if you place your order in May then your first box will be the June box)

What's in the box?

Sacred alter item(s), Spell Crafted Candle(s), A monthly spell with items to assist you, magical stone/crystal and/or handcrafted pendant,  A monthly Moon and Sun in the Zodiac Calendar, smudge item, incense, beauty item and healing items from Sacred Space Crate Apothecary, sacred magical oil, plus more.